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Semionix Associative Memory Analysis

Associative Memory (AM)

causes Us/Them dichotomies by driving different unconscious response. This causes attitudes, thoughts, and meanings to differ between groups. AM also determines consumer response to your brands & advertising. Daniel Kahneman (Thinking, Fast and Slow) explains that an associative response “happens quickly and all at once, yielding a self-reinforcing pattern of cognitive, emotional, and physical response.”

Unique Insights

come from SAMA's patented, data-driven analtyics. These associative memory insights will help your employees better understand each other. SAMA highlights how different Associative Memory reponses result in a diversity of attitudes, thougts, and meanings between groups. When analyzing consumers, they will help you optimize brand & advertising decisions. Our technology has been proven by the world's largest and most sophisticated consumer product companies.

Meaningful Inputs

come from our data capture process in which respondents record their thoughts & emotions by creating an expression using words & images. The build data captured when expressions are created reveal associative response patterns (and enable cool expression build playbacks). No endless text questions with agree/disagree scales, no 'fast-as-you-can' e+i key strikes. Just simple, heartfelt compositions that complement our response maps.

A SAMA survey is available here
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A survey about Honesty created this playback
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Better. Faster. Cheaper.

You get to pick all three without compromise. SAMA projects are easy to setup, can be completed within a day's time, and are inexpensive. Results are engaging and intuitive.

Our Diversity Model

Semionix will work directly with your Diversity and/or HR teams to ensure project setup and execution deliver insights that are most relevant to your needs.

Our Agency Model

gives advertising and branding agencies control of the client relationship. SAMA becomes a unique service the agency manages and applies. Semionix stays in the background.

More Info

An overview of SAMA is available here
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